Welcome to Pintar Utama Kindergarten

A place where we cater an education for life for kindergarten students!

Besides being academic based, we would also like the kids to feel at home whenever they walk through our gate. We are giving our best in providing your child the opportunity to enjoy a fun day at school in a safe, friendly yet stimulating learning environment.

Your child’s early learning years are crucial for a lifetime development, thus when it comes to choosing a kindergarten, you need to be sure it will provide the best learning experience for your children.

At Pintar Utama Kindergarten, we provide the best kindergarten education for your child. Our qualified and dedicated academicians’ team will guide your child learning journey by engaging them with various activities and skills. Utmost important, we will help to develop a passion for learning that will last a lifetime.

Hybrid Classroom Learning @ Dundee Kids Village

Hybrid Classroom Learning @ Dundee Kids Village is specially designed to be collaborative and interactive for Gen Y and Gen Alpha, who are the generations that are deeply intertwined with technology as they love collaborating and exchanging information online. With the integration of All-In-One Education System into the usual physical classroom; Smart Board, AI Tracking Camera and Air Microphone technologies, this would help educators to teach in a more vibrant atmosphere and transmute the traditional boring e-learning and virtual lessons into an almost “live” learning experience.

Our center provides the following services

Full-Day Programme
  •  Academics – general
  •  Breakfast, lunch, tea-time
  •  After class refreshment session
  •  Academic Islamic Programme – theory & practical
  •  Martial Art Session
  •  Club (indoor/outdoor)
Half-Day Programme
  •  Academics – general
  •  Breakfast, lunch
  •  After class refreshment session
Kindergarten Programme
  •  Academics – general
  •  Breakfast
Academic Islamic Programme
  •  Iqra’ recitation
  •  Prayers’ practical
  •  Arabic class

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