A Visit to Al-Bukhary Mosque 2020

On 10th March 2020, Pintar Utama Kindergarten had pay a visit to Al-Bukhary Mosque, Penang. It is such a beautiful and spacious mosque with a great and warm welcome from the mosque committee. We conduct a Dhuha programme by performing a Congregational Dhuha prayer led by Ustaz Rahmat Salleh. All the kids experience wudhu’ ablution before the Dhuha Prayer. After the Congregation, Uataz Rahmat led the dua session and we make lots of duas. May Allah ease all of us with the dua’s from these pure kids. Amin. We end the session with some donation to the mosque and photography session for memories.

** The moral of the visit: we want to instill the love towards prayers in kids. Take care of your prayers and Allah will take care of you, and your affairs. Insha Allah!**